Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

vulnerable members to work from home

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DOL should define the list of vulnerable members with the help of the CDC and WHO bodies, and require those employees to work from home if their job allows it, until they can get vaccinated to better protect themselves. This would reduce the chances of healthcare facilities being overwhelmed.

Update: White House Officials have already defined the list of vulnerable members. All that needs to be done is now follow the advise provided.

Note: Although White House has put out a plan, they are the ones not to follow the plan. 🙄. The plan is not enough as it is, it is not as comprehensive as I believe it should be. Studies have shown that it takes upto 2 weeks to get symptoms, anywhere from 2-6 weeks for recovery depending on severity, and another several weeks to actively stop being contagious. How does a 14 day review plan work with the above? It doesn't take the lifecycle of the virus infection into the picture, but rather only the incubation stage, which is not enough. Steps to Reopening the economy should be a matter of SEVERAL weeks (upto 3 months) in my opinion based on all the scientific studies out there, as one is supposed to take the worst case scenario's to build their plan, not the best case scenario's!


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