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possible containment help

My wife has a suggestion for helping to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Where there are high concentrations of cases, use crop dusting techniques to drop soapy water solutions in water form or in aerosol form to kill most of the coronavirus that still floats freely in the air or is on outdoor surfaces. It might also work by attaching to the virus that is floating in the air and causing it to fall to the ground, while at the same destroying it. There are biodegradable soaps that may work to kill the virus and not harm the environment. Have the street cleaning machines working to wash the soapy water (with virus) from the streets either after the massive spraying is finished or the washing can be done in conjunction with the spraying. We should also be praying for a good rain at that point.

Obviously, the city would need to be on a complete lockdown for at least three days to two weeks. Maybe this process would need to be repeated every three days until the pandemic is over.

Maybe this method would give greater confidence that the virus would then be fully contained within the walls of each family's residence, and therefore would give more credence to an established end-of-pandemic timeline.

We are praying that God leads you and all of those in our government.


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