Reopening Businesses


I think it's important to take all needs into consideration. Yes, we can open in a smart, safe way, but some cannot take the risk and there should be reasonable provisions for everyone. Consider immuno-compromised individuals who may not be able to interact with the public, even with a mask and gloves. There needs to be a safe way to allow people to make that choice for themselves. Just like it would be too restrictive to tell everyone they cannot open anything until there is a cure (treatment or vaccine), it would not be fair to tell people they have to work, either. People should have an alternative to "either go to work or do not make any money." Give individuals a safe choice or safe alternative, if that is what they need, and for those who do go to work, ensure they have the protection they need. If you run a business, make sure your employees have PPE and safe distancing protocol, as well.


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