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I work in medical fieled I,m a neonatolgist ,as a doctor we save lives so we challenge death by doing our best for the patient sick person always have fear and depression our goal is to change that to cofidance and good spirit I choose this subject because labor and delivery of babies we can,t stop it and we will make the mother and father happy with their neolyborn baby , the team in neonatal care unit doctors and nurses should be allowed to come to work easily or allow them to have a residence close to hospital ,take care of their health precautions and give them healthy food,vitamins to be able to work , for the mother and father we should care for their emotions that the will keep the baby and to have the stong faith that the baby should go home with them at the end , care for skin skin contact with their baby , care for breast feeding ,care for their transpotation to hospital , care for the rest of their family ,encourage father work for the family this will make the medical feild and community work , health education is very important we should encourage doctors to do that through media to give correct information about the diseases , I believe that if we cared about the emotional suppot to cobat fear of the pandimic is important there a big rule for religieus organizations to make america happy then fight the viruse this will open work and go back to life


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