Reopening Businesses

Work with WHO to Address the Root Cause of COVID Before Another Virus and/or COVID Surge Begins

Establish a mechanism to regulate International Wet Markets- If the global pandemic started in a Wet Market, then we need to work with WHO to address the root cause for the safety of the world. We need to ask the World Health Organization to establish an International Wet Market Safety Taskforce for establishing Global Standards and Regulations for each country with Fish/Wet Markets. We can leverage our expertise from US Fish Markets. Some aspects of Global Fish Market Standards may include but are not limited to the following:

Each country with wet market should establish regulations that require all wet market vendors to have a Vendor License;

Establish Gold Standard for International Wet Markets

Employ Mystery Shoppers/Surveillance to identify sale of illegal species;

Require Farm/Aquatic Farm Registration; Countries with wet markets should have a national registration for Aquatic/Fish Farms

Establish a hotline for rules/regulations;

Establish an anonymous complaint hotline;

Establish an APP/Software to identify certified fish markets;

Establish vendor capacity for each wet market;

Establish booth measurement requirements to limit high number of fish/wildlife in small spaces;

Establish regulations for species from different eco-systems;

Establish fines for non-compliance.

Establish on-going/periodic testing at facilities

Establish and deploy International Monitors of global Wet Markets


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