Commuting Safely

US Patent 8643507 Vehicle-Based Threat Detection System (VBTDS)

All weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in all forms (CBRNE) may be detected in all vehicles. This includes COVID-19. The airborne SARS detection claim (using photonics) was already made in the biochip patent issued more than 15 years ago to Dr. Tuan Vo-Dinh at Oak Ridge National Lab. Since 9/11, a wide variety of government agencies have been hesitant to certify VBTDS capabilities even though the various sensor technologies are widely used in other government settings (e.g., DoD, DHS, DoJ, etc.). Airline travel will never return to previous levels unless the transport system can be TRUSTED. This means that the cabin air should be free of airborne pathogens and there should be no suitcase nukes onboard. The focus of the patent is on protecting the destination as well as the passengers and crew on the aircraft. China suspended domestic flights while continuing international flights in and out of Wuhan. It shouldn't be this easy for China to use a coronavirus as a key part of its international trade negotiation strategy. Every vehicle that moves, especially aircraft and autonomous vehicles, should have a warning system that alerts government authorities when there is a significant WMD and/or pandemic threat onboard that particular vehicle. This can be funded without taxpayer dollars simply by making the requirement a prerequisite for indemnification and terrorism risk insurance coverage. If this requirement had been in place for Ryder vans, there would not have been the loss of life from the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. Wearing a mask and social distancing will not be an adequate risk mitigation measure for the average airline passenger.


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