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Trusting teens to school themselves with no supervision

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I believe there should be an executive order that protects ALL school age children. It's one thing to leave a 14 year old home alone for a couple of hours to sit in front of a TV maybe, but it's totally different when they are expected to wake up, stay connected to very distracting digital devices for learning purposes, yet have the discipline to focus on only education for 8-10 hours while parents are away at work. Video chats, social media apps including YouTube weren't even allowed on my child's devices but now that she's being educated that way, this opens a whole new world and set of problems I'm glad I'm home to deal with for now. This will all be unsupervised when parents are back at work.They still need and deserve parent involvement and jobs should not dictate if your child can have the support of a parent during their school day. If my job insists I must return to work in the office, this puts my daughter in a very undesirable predicament. There needs to be protection for teens also, not just young kids who need a babysitter.


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