Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Transplant Recipient

As a kidney transplant recipient of 3 months, this idea is of utmost importance. Many people complain about wearing masks, but ALL must be educated that wearing masks is MANDATORY to protect persons like me and indeed the entire population. It cannot be optional! Many jobs require PPE in order to perform certain tasks; e.g. safety glasses, hard hats, heat protective gloves, etc.

In the absence of universal testing availability, employers should work with state and territorial health departments responsible for testing decisions to stratify patient access to Covid-19 testing based on susceptibility to severe infection (as with the kidney patient community)

Employers should work with emergency management agencies to ensure that supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) provided by government entities are distributed as quickly as possible to areas with reported shortages and to employees at higher risk of developing complications from the novel coronavirus (like those from the kidney patient community)

Understanding that once developed, supplies of a vaccine may initially be limited, employers should work with state and territorial health departments to develop a triage system that protects our most vulnerable populations, including Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease patients, potential living kidney donors, and kidney transplant recipients.


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