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The City of Dallas has an ordinance providing for 64 hours of paid sick leave.

Should we pay that out first, beginning on April 1st, the pay the FFRCA's 80 hours and then provide the FFCRA's ten weeks of reduced pay after that? That means that we are providing up to 14 paid sick leave if we don't run the Dallas paid sick leave concurrently with FMLA. It also would mean that we are not fully complying with the FFCRA because we would not be paying 80 hours of FFCRA PSL in the first 14 days folloiwng April 1st. Can the Dallas PSL's 64 hours be counted concurrently with the FFCRA's 80 hours from April 1 to April 14, so that we don't have to excuse more than 12-weeks off in a year?


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