Reducing Regulatory Burdens


TELECOMMUTE PAIRING PROGRAM THROUGH DOL OR UNEMPLOYMENT How does the government ensure people are looking for jobs during unemployment and social distancing? If there's a telecommute need, then there's a potential solution to get people employed. Tele-commuting is also very desirable to parents with young children, who already face thousands of dollars in child care expenses for summer camp, after school care or day care running $10K (summer camp/aftercare in NY) to $25K (annual day care in NY) or more **per child** per year. Sometimes child care expenses negate the financial benefits of working, aside from perhaps health care, because child care is so expensive. Maybe getting more people back to work is the result of a government-organized tele-work matching program through DOL that helps unemployed people, especially parents of young children, find tele-work on a part-time or full-time basis in their homes. Many people want to work and are able to work. If companies continue to be willing to extend opportunities to people's homes, perhaps with some incentives from the government, or perhaps for only the realization there's a potential of greater employee retention, perhaps this could be a win-win for employees and employers. I've heard people in my social network say that they are more productive at home because there are fewer meetings and fewer interruptions. Perhaps tele-commuting, with virtual meetings, can become the "new normal" for a good portion of the workforce.


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