Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Support and Create More Mobile Services

If there was a way to better support and creation of more mobile services, i.e., salon services, vet services, medical/physical therapy home visits, etc. would help to minimize groups of people. This would also give more control to sanitizing things, as the person would be in his/her own home. The "visitor" would only need to be the one focused on wearing a mask, gloves, etc. With today's technology there is really no reason why this would not be a viable alternative. As a Florida resident, there are numerous mobile pet grooming services and other services of a similar nature - we need to really expand on these to the more critical and necessary services to those that are more vulnerable. Many in this population are able to work from home, but are very hesitant to venture out for some of the services that others take for granted. They are also many of the customers of the newer options, such as grocery delivery, or meal services. They are not simply doing this for convenience - it is a necessity to their way of life due to their condition, or the need to remain home for a family member.


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