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Student Loan Forgiveness for Hospitality Workers

The hospitality industry has seen the largest devastation, as a whole, due to the pandemic. Hotels, restaurants, events, venues, travel, and tourism ceased through the mandatory social distancing and quarantine guidelines causing businesses to fail, close, furlough and lay-off employees at large. Marriott as a global company was forced to close 40% of its hotels as just one example. The greater challenge now that the restrictions are loosening is that employees may be able to come back to work but the workforce has dissipated. Some left the industry and others are looking for jobs in another field. The hospitality industry drives revenue for City and State through taxes and is the front line for attracting new businesses, new residents and creating the culture of a community. Hospitality is love in action and the industry is now the one that needs the love. We should offer student loan forgiveness for the hospitality industry employees, as they have been impacted the hardest at large, as well as to attract and retain a workforce to save the industry.


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