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STOP! Do Not Reopen, Send Monthly Trump Checks, United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

As a public health nurse, the warning of the COVID-19 pandemic storm has been alerting the citizens of this country that the pandemic is only just beginning to take hold and many additional deaths can be avoided. a Tsunami of Deaths will negatively impact our economic health. There will be a resurgence of COVID-19 and its, so far, 13 mutations in the summer and fall of 2020.... if we re-open, and pretend business as usual, in the next month.

The storm is raging around the three branches of government and President Trump in the White House, the Senate and the House must show clear unified leadership in the Opening of the Affordable Care Act Program to allow unemployed to sign up for health benefits, protect our health care workers by providing housing, approving higher pay and bonuses, funding and coordination of manufacturing of protective equipment, increasing testing availability, open additional grants and loans for small businesses. Stop this Pandemic Tornado and Support the economy by sending the American Public a monthly check that would realistically cover expenses. For example, a monthly check for $4,000.00 for the next three months. This will allow for a speedy flattening of the curve so we can return to work and focusing on the next presidential election. The Government must remove the Gag from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and allow the Medical Scientists at CDCP to perform Source Testing measures at the meat packing plants to salvage and protect our food supply chain and testing in major cities to assist in the eradication of this pandemic. The longer we play hide and seek with the Pandemic Storm, the longer it will continue to mutate and the longer and tougher the economic recovery of the United States of America. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.


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