Commuting Safely

SF Bay Area Casual Carpool and Commute Lanes

I assume that, for many months, when people go back to work, we will not be able to do the casual carpooling - which is a system that's been in place in Berkeley/Oakland and surrounds for over 30 years in which drivers pick up commuters who stand in line at specific locations. The benefit is that the drivers can then take the carpool lanes, avoiding the long lines at the toll plaza. It benefits the drivers, the riders, and has all the associated benefits of carpooling vs. single car/single driver.

However, this will be fraught for a long time. I imagine it won't be allowed, or if it is, people will be wary to use.

I would like to see the bridge tolls greatly reduced and/or the carpool lanes opened up to all for a time period. Also think remaining cashless on the bridges, a change that was made to protect toll collectors and drivers, is smart.

Would not like to see more congestion on the commute because everyone is single car/single driver.


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