Reopening Businesses


I work at a private prison, which the company runs for the State of Arizona/Arizona Department of Corrections.

All the inmates and staff at Phoenix West have managed to keep COVID19 out of our facility due to everyone,

including inmates, being diligent utilizing screenings upon entering and our PPE (masks, gloves, goggles/shield for eyes) and performing stringent sanitation of the entire facility.

I believe if everyone acted in this manner whether they are the employees or customers/clients, then businesses could reopen and reduce the chances of COVID19. Yet, in my opinion, the government should have shut down the state for 2 to 3 weeks when this virus began because without a host a virus cannot survive. Yet, hindsight but it is time to get America back to work and functioning for is of grave importance for not only financial/economic reasons but for emotional/mental well being too.

Americans can and have followed protocol regarding washing hands, sanitizing, wearing PPE so believe businesses could reopen. Those who walked off jobs due to not feeling safe, etc. is really unacceptable for them to receive unemployment and it was just encouraged for them to surrender to unemployment when they could have worked. COVID is new to everyone but did the employees really give ample opportunity to employers to make policies/procedures for their protection?f Secondly, all the essential workers are fine but perhaps all workers could use training in communicable disease, etc. to strengthen knowledge as to how to prevent.


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