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Reopening Businesses

Reopenning Businesses

Rather than providing unemployment to millions of people, provide assistance to the hardest hit cities or counties and only to the most vulnerable populations. We know that the data shows us that primarily people with underlying conditions who are over 50 years old are impacted by the virus. Provide PPE for the rest of the population, including face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer or whatever other protections are needed per job duty requirement. That way the majority of the population can get back to work with proper cleaning techniques and PPE if needed.

I work in a two-person office, yet am forced to work at home with my adult children, husband and dog under the current guidelines in Michigan. We rarely, if ever, have visitors to our 1,500 sq. ft. office. Why should we be shut down? As the president of a 501C6 organization, our corporation was not included in any of the CARES Act relief even though we pay tax and have the ability to lobby. We have been forced to furlough our staff as a result.

There is no insurance program that will cover our event cancellation if we cannot hold our annual convention in the fall. We rely on that event for revenue. If we are forced to return sponsorship, exhibitor and registrant fees, we be forced to use the organization's small reserve base. Within a year, we could go out of business if our members do not go back to work as they will not be able to pay membership dues. It has a downward, spiraling effect. We provide important educational resources for the transportation industry, including Federal Excise Tax Compliance, that has been deemed VITAL, yet the association has been cast aside.

We have got to get people back to work and able to meet safely. The hotels and airlines are being bailed out, yet the organizations that bring people together to network and do more business are being put out of business.


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