Reopening Businesses

Reopening Businesses in Rural America

I live in Boulder City, Nevada-population about 16,000 people. We have about 8 million people come to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and about 1 million people come to Hoover Dam every year. A lot of these people come and visit or stay overnight in Boulder City, Nevada. The people come from all over the world.

Our small town has been closed up since March 17, 2020 at midnight. Now, some businesses (Restaurants, etc.) are allowed to open up on May 9, 2020 with six feet distance between customers and 50 percent capacity for each restaurant and other businesses. The Casinos, etc. are not opening up yet. The employees and owners have to wear masks.

I have suggested that the restaurants and other businesses, CVS Pharmacy, 99 Cents Store, Albertson's Grocery Store, ACE and True Value Hardware stores to be opened 24 hours and allow only a few customers in at a time to allow the six foot rule to apply. This way, all of the employees should stay employed and they will be able to service their customers in a "safe distancing" atmosphere. I'm not sure who is going to enforce the six foot rule or the employees and owners to wear masks. Apparently, the customers are not required to wear masks???

I have read that when the Casinos open up they are also require the six foot rule by spacing out the people at the Tables and Slot Machines. I'm not sure what they plan to do in the Race and Sport Books.


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