Reopening Businesses

Reopening Businesses, Office Buildings and Schools

To reopen businesses, it is essential to require that everyone wear masks. No mask, no entry. If everyone is required to wear a mask, we can open the economy sooner rather than later. Guards should be hired to enforce the wearing of masks, and the federal government should reimburse businesses for the cost of the guard. This will help with getting people off of unemployment and back to work. Citations should be given to anyone found in the business without their mask on. Also, limiting the number of people in a business at one time is important. This number could be increased as the number of infected people begins to drop.

Employers in office buildings should have their employees alternate reporting to work and require the wearing of masks. One half of the employees should report every other day, with the employer disinfecting the office each day.

In order for schools to open, they should have a split shift; am and pm or every other day, having half of each classroom attending at one time. All staff and students should be required to wear a mask. If a student is unable to wear a mask due to a health issue, that student should be given home instruction by a teacher who is required to wear a mask during instruction. The classrooms should be disinfected between shifts or at the end of the day. Because this is easier to do with elementary schools, high schools should remain online until there is a vaccine or the virus is eradicated. Lessons should be recorded so students can watch them on demand and be able to review the lesson as many times as they may need. This also makes sure that more than one of their classes are not presented at the same time. Teachers should make a window of time that they are available for a student to reach out to them for additional help.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. Let's all do our part in helping to open our economy.


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