Reducing Regulatory Burdens

Reduced Regulation and Robust Software Provided by the Government

Any regulation that was relaxed should not be reinstated unless it was determined to have a profoundly negative impact. I am an advocate for all other regulations to be evaluated and relaxed. Regulations are a major deterrent for new business start-ups and further growth of established businesses.

For programs that must remain in place and requires reporting and auditing, the government should provide the safe software to be able to be compliant. It does not have to be mandatory, but it must meet the needs that the government states are real.

The amount of regulations that are required to follow, demands a staff of educated, trained, and experienced overhead professionals and robust software to be compliant. It is difficult for almost any company to afford either, let alone both. The regulations with no tools, cripples organizations from being productive, creative, proactive, provide the necessary time and positive environment for employees and customers.

I understand the need to provide a safe and fair workplace. I want to benefit from that as an employee and because Human Resources is caught in the middle.


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