Reducing Regulatory Burdens

Reduce Medicare -CMS and Joint Commission Regulations

As a Registered Nurse, the insured healthcare system in America is failing. We need to reduce regulations on hospitals and clinics in the United States. We need to approve Tele-health programs and reimburse for these programs. Suggesting a committee be assigned to review these outdated, technological phobic regulations and reduce them. Requesting a separate committee to determine which regulations in the aging population and nursing homes need to be reduced and discarded. Committees need to include professional medical regulatory staff, medical providers, nurses, therapists, family members, general public and business owners. The committee should not be made of government regulators. Also, we need to increase staffing at OSHA and ADA and CDC to support the infrastructure of a country built on the word of the people. We need Medicare for all in the United States or we will fall like Rome.


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