Reopening Businesses

Rather be safe then sorry

I think we should stay shut down as long as possible. We have lost to many lives already. People are people and most have a hard time with listening due to them letting there emotions get in the way.

We need to listen tour our governor she is doing an amazing job!!! I give her the up most respect !

The government should put together some sort of stimulus package to support the American people While they are staying home and get it out on a regular basis in a hurry. The proposed $2,000 per month for a year or until this is over is an amazing idea. On top of the unemployment benefits is supportive.

Maybe the government should pay the utility companies for every American, along with sending the $2,000 per month Until this is over .

Wipe out all student loan debt along with offering free schooling for essential workers. Give a lump sum bonus to any essential worker that has already completed school and student loan debit is is zero.

The proposed pay raise for essential workers should be permanent!

Let's focus first on beating this virus, then rebuilding. Peoples lives should come first.


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