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Provide protections for caregivers of medically fragile kids

I chose to "stay safe at home," to care for my three children as recommended despite my job remaining open for take out orders. I did so because my son needs a heart transplant, and is considered extremely medically fragile. The cafe I work at is frequented by many of the doctors and nurses who work at the hospital nearby, where many have now tested positive for the virus. It is not safe for me to continue to serve customers, knowing any of them could be potential carriers, who could then expose me and my kids to the virus. My son's cost of care is already a topic of contention with the local healthcare plan, any time he is hospitalized, and I am worried he would be denied care, or would have a horrible outcome because of the shortages of critical equipment. I am doing my part and staying at home, to stop the spread and keep the costs down for a system that is already overburdened and weary. I need to replace the income I have lost in order to pay rent, buy food and help my son maintainna healthy weight, so he can stay well long enough to get his heart transplant. I am so worried about how to pay bills and feel guilty for not working while the cafe is open, but I know I am doing all I can to preserve my son's life and the life of others by staying at home and remaining a diligent caregiver.


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