Reopening Businesses

Please don't forget about childcare when opening up

I am work with childcare providers in my daily life. When in the course of helping individuals find employment, they often encounter many barriers. Childcare is a major barrier for individuals with low income. Often the people who work in the childcare field are also low income and on the fringes, as well. Right now, childcare centers have been forced to close their doors. This impacts those who want to go to work but can't. It also impacts the childcare owners might be going out of business. I think childcare providers should be at the table for any reopening plans. Childcare should be subsidized for the next 5 years. This will ensure that there are not two America's as we open up. Those without kids or someone to care for and those who have children and are caregivers. This can determine the trajectory for literally millions of Americans.


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