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Paid Medical Leave or Unemployment to those who use FMLA for Mental Health issues caused by COVID-19

As an employee with long diagnosed mental health issues, I have always taken every step I could to ensure I remain a full-time and effective employee. I have always gone to therapy and doctors for my mental health, and I take medications. My anxiety/mental health has taken a real down turn due to fears of COVID-19, my partner's job loss due to COVID-19, and my employer not being mentally prepared for work-from-home. It has been suggested to me to take FMLA by department of labor, but both the department of labor and unemployment told me that they were "unsure" if there would be any help with pay during FMLA time due to Covid-19. I cannot function at work at this point, and I may lose my job due to me not being able to function, but FMLA is unpaid for medical/mental health. I am stuck between job loss and not being able to pay bills.


This needs to extend to FMLA of medical/mental health reasons caused by or during COVID-19.


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