Commuting Safely


About 2 years ago I traveled to Europe due to some stoppage problems. I lost my flight and they did not fly through other airlines and I think I went through Amfterdan. they were releasing them to sterilize passengers okay I'm glad because I have studies on the antiseptic properties of ozone. but when I enter the Nyevo Airport that very peculiar smell I have been using them since 1987 and I also use it until today 2020 the Ozone was used and is used in Eutopa from the 18th century it may be possible to install Hospitals shopping malls on subway trains. and the forgiveness of those institutions would be safe since it offers pure oxygen. or install car booths with dividers with clear dividing panels and also protect customers and also require hotels to ozone to sterilize the rooms, relocate the homeless by programming a food bank supported by the entire population with a charge of $ 1.00 monthly x average credit card and ask Coca Cola for help from an extra collection of 25 cents x bottles that was to reorganize the services. I don't know that is constitutional but

For the time we are now I thinking we're going to help with . My regards Gloria Jannini Sorry apology for my letter but just I want to help


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