Reopening Businesses

Opening restaurants and entertainment

It seems restaurants and entertainment venues could be allowed to open as long as they limit the number of customers in the building at a time. Restaurants could seat people at every other or every third table and allow say 30 - 40 people at a time to be seated (depending on the size of the restaurant). The servers and kitchen help could continue to wear masks. I think we as adults should be able to make a decision for ourselves as to whether or not we want to visit the establishments. It is also time to start letting these businesses get back to more normal functioning. In Minnesota our summers are incredibly short to begin with, but to not allow us to get out and enjoy these establishments when getting out and about is so much nicer than the middle of winter is near torture for most. I truly believe most people would be more than willing to accept these types of limits as long as we can start to feel like we are starting to head towards more normal living again.


Thank you for making this avenue available to people to speak up and suggest ways to get businesses and lives open and running again!


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