Reducing Regulatory Burdens

Online Hiring Options

There are a number of Federal regulations when it comes to getting someone hired. A great example is processing the I-9. Normally the employer is required to have this completed and verified within 3 days of the person being hired. Due to the pandemic this has been relaxed and can be done virtually, but the employer must re-verify within 3 days of the employee actually coming to work in the workplace. This creates twice as much work for the employer. A better solution would be if the new hire could go to their local city hall and complete the I-9 document, with all of the appropriate verification of identification. Employers should be able to trust that a city official / notary public, would be able to complete the form. This is something that should be an established practice. Many employers do not fully understand the I-9 form, particularly small business owners. This would eliminate many of the errors that occur when these are completed. We need to be looking for creative solutions to eliminate some of the red tape. If we request solutions from those that actually do a task - we are more likely to find these creative solutions. People sitting in offices are not always able to understand the details or the platform needed and cannot find the simple solutions.


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