Reducing Regulatory Burdens

NYC Department of Buildings

I am the President of a construction company here in NY State. I reside north of NYC but all my work is in NYC. The Department of Builds issued an order (Buildings Bulletin 2020-004) requiring construction projects of certain types, requiring certain certificate holders or of certain size to have a weekly site inspection performed on it by said certificate holder. I, of course hold all the certificates and certifications on these projects I currently have under construction.

Here is my issue with this order. I completely understand and appreciate the need to make sure construction projects that are non-essential are remain safe during shut down. But NYC Department of Buildings require a weekly inspection of such projects. This means, they are requiring healthy individuals like myself, coming from a less infected area to go into the city and quite potentially expose themselves and my family to this. If a report is not submitted weekly, we are subject to a $5000.00 fine.

There has to be a better way instead of strong arming us like this. Such legislation does not leave a good taste in my mouth. To add to this, I forwarded this Bulletin to our local Assemblyman. His office actually called me back and said they have had no response from the Department of Buildings or the Mayors office on this. At least someone is trying to keep us safe!


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