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NABTU and CPWR COVID-19 Standards for U.S. Construction Sites

The Occupational Safety and Health Act requires construction employers to provide a safe and healthy workplace. To do this, construction industry employers should develop a comprehensive COVID-19 exposure control plan, which includes control measures, symptom checking, social distancing, hygiene and decontamination procedures, and training. An exposure control plan and the following recommendations should be followed before any onsite worker is found to have COVID-19 because many people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic and can potentially spread disease.

As work is reopening in parts of the United States where it has been shut down, for the continued protection of our members and in our capacity as the bargaining representative for those members, the Building Trades Unions believe the following are the minimum standards employers should implement as part of their COVID-19 exposure control plan on all job-sites.

Please go to the link below for recommendations to implement a COVID-19 exposure control plan.


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