Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Making sure that the elderly and those at risk don't get sick.

The population who is most at risk need to be accommodated in all aspects. Supermarkets already are providing scheduled times for the elderly to shop, but not everyone who is immunocompromised is old. I think doctors should provide some sort of paperwork where those who have health issues that make them vulnerable to COVID19 can obtain a kind of permit or ID (similar to a handicap permit) that they can show to be able to shop during the same time the elderly shop. Maybe supermarkets can provide a little longer time frame to accommodate both groups.

These specialized times for these groups should be adhered to by all businesses, as well as medical offices. Days should be designated for appointments for the vulnerable populations. Obviously always maintaining social distancing and having masks and gloves available for those who may not have their own. Making them do Telemed is terrible because many elderly sometimes just go to the doctor just to have someone who they see periodically, so taking that away by only using Telemed would not be a great idea.

Presently parks are open, but they are open to the general public. I think parks and beaches need to accommodate the vulnerable populations as well by providing a specific time when they can go to these places and also be able to walk around or even sit at a park to get fresh air for those who are not able to just walk non-stop. Maybe get some more park benches put in around the local parks since there aren't very many. I don't think 1 hour is sufficient time for those groups, I think they should have a margin of 3 hours during which they can go to a park or a beach, most other people work during the day so 3 hours is not impossible. Obviously they will need to wear their masks for safety. All park and beach exits & entrances should have antibacterial wipes available and of course a garbage can since people love to leave things on the floor.


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