Reopening Businesses

Liberty for ALL

We born in our beautiful country named America were freedom and liberty become our standard of life. Now with the pandemic cove19 we the people have been subject to confine in our home for more than a month. Open American Business shall be our first priority because our economy is down, our standard of living is down and all the signs are similar like a socialist country. We the people have the responsibility to take precautions and keep our style of living without fear of a virus. We need to go out open all stores and the stores have the responsibility to disinfect and the security to keep order and do not let anyone enter without a mask. Bathroom shall be close for anyone to prevent contamination. Customers shall be ask where they going eg. first floor, second and so on, in that way there will be less crowd inside the stores. If someone want to buy in a different floor has to comeback. Stores have to give flyer to customer showing merchandise on each floor and no one can switch floor. Therefore an employee shall be checking in each floor when customers go our. For one floor store customers shall enter according the capacity and remind half hour inside no one can go inside for enjoyment only to buy their necessities. At the beach which is essential during summer time, towns shall put tents 6 inches away in order for people keep distance or put mark on the sand to show where people can seat. All parks shall be opened for enjoyment. It is time to change the extreme mandate from the governors. Our country need to go back to business and we have to learn to face reality with enjoyment not with fear.

Customers shall bring their own mask they are washable and gloves keeping distance from each other.


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