Supporting America's Families

Invest in Child Care Supply and Demand Mapping

States cannot open effectively without essential services like child care. And families need child care to be able to return to work. To help make the decisions needed around opening child care, policymakers need data. Without quality data, it's impossible to answer key policy questions, make estimates for funding needs, and make the case for access to quality, affordable child care for all. Strong data allows decision-makers to target a community with interventions they actually need.

Child Care Aware of America has been working with states to map COVID-19 child care supply. So far we have 5 states mapped for child care supply and we've worked with Yale to map the demand for essential workers. Eventually, we will have a national map of supply and demand available on our website. In addition to mapping additional states, we will update maps regularly throughout the recovery and reopening phase. We hope that our maps will:

• inform policy asks at the state and national level

• help states understand the landscape and how it changes

• make the case for funding decisions and

• support planning during and post-pandemic


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