Reopening Businesses


My company is a retail business that has been family owned and operated for 70 years. I am the HR Manager and although I am not a family member I take great pride in the business and its presence in our community and would hate to see it fail. That being said, we charged forward and made adjustments constantly as more and more information came out from the CDC and federal and state governments about how to stay safe during the Pandemic. What we had to do was to scale down our business from 5 retail stores and a Web Store to only having our Web Store open. Customers make purchases online through our Web Store and come to our main store for curb side pick up or they can choose to have us ship it to them as well. Of course since we had to close our other 4 stores we did have to furlough some of our employees for a few weeks, but we are already beginning to bring them back one by one. Those of us that remained working daily at the main store location have routinely (at least twice daily) disinfected our work areas, break room and offices. We have rearranged desks so that our office staff can maintain a 6 foot distance. Our sales people already had areas that were 6ft or more apart. All of our staff are constantly reminded to practice the 6 foot social distancing. We have made hand sanitizer available to all of our employees in the store and office staff as well as placed it in the break room. Our staff are wearing masks and gloves when meeting with the public at the curb. More recently we have begun to take daily temperatures (now that we can purchase thermometers) of all of our staff and they are asked to fill out a questionnaire each day which lists all of the COVID19 symptoms published by the CDC. They must review the list daily and signoff that they do not have and have not had any of the symptoms in the past 24 hours. These forms will be kept on file in Human Resources.

I believe if all businesses will take the time to consider all the CDC guidelines and how to best protest their customers and employees we can all open up.


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