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Grants to support additional equipment

The virus has made many hospitals implement the inability to have visitors enter with patients. Unfortunately, my father is currently undergoing chemo treatments at Waterman Hospital in Florida where they won't even allow him to have a caregiver come sit with him during his treatment and blood transfusions. At the same time, all entrances (except one) have been barricaded with concrete barriers requiring him to walk long distances to get to the area for the chemo. This increases his temperature and exacerbates his issues of not being able to get in enough oxygen. With those issues, they require him to wait before going into the hospital. When you have one hospital treating both people who could be positive with COVID-19 and patients without properly functioning immune systems, it would make better sense to have the hospital try to keep these patients as healthy as possible by providing safe and clean rides from the patient's home directly to the area of the hospital they need to go to. Having these patients entering in at the same point a possible infected individual is located could just jeopardize the immunocompromised person's life. Grants to support a service like these would be greatly beneficial in helping to decrease the possibility of them getting an infection or dying. Plus, it always guarantees they have someone who could help them if something is not right on their way to our from their appointments.


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