Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Foster Caregivers and Social Services

Most do not see Social Services or businesses serving the Foster Care and Family Stabilization programs as essential, even though they are essential. These business ensure that our most vulnerable stay safe and help them to thrive. The wages that these non-profit businesses pay come from Federal and State agencies, and are barely enough to get by. These wages average between 50% - 75% of similar wages in the for-profit sector, yet these employees continue to give of themselves to help these families, often from their own pockets. Often these businesses are soliciting donations and trying to raise funds for basic necessities for these children and families. There should be a minimum wage that is required for these employees at all levels, so that they can do their jobs and not always be looking for other positions that may pay just a little more to help them with their own bills. Many employees in these business are still paying student loans. You need to work for a non-profit for a minimum of 10 years to have any of your student loan forgiven - that is a long time with a salary barely above minimum wage. Those who work for social services should earn enough to live on and should have their student loans forgiven. These employees do not want to get rich - but they do need to survive.


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