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Electrical Car Plug-In Stations

This crisis presents an opportunity for ride-sharing startups. Ride-sharing startups use the same business model as scooter startups. Cars are parked throughout the city and accessed by an app. If electric car plug-in stations are mandated in parking lots throughout the city, thousands of electric cars can be conveniently fielded by ride-sharing startups, since the users would simply drop off the vehicle at the parking lot plug-in station, which doubles at the drop-off spot. Currently, ride-sharing startups usually request users fill up the gas before they drop it off at the designated spot, which is inconvenient since it is time consuming locating gas stations.

As an added bonus, electrical car ride-sharing would reduce greenhouse gases since less people would be using gas guzzlers. At scale, ride-sharing startups could make owning a car obsolete in major cities.


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