Reducing Regulatory Burdens

Director of HR

During this pandemic (and maybe beyond) there should be a partnership with state Unemployment Agencies and employers. Employers that wish to should have the option to assist with the payment of claims in exchange for a reduced UI experience rating. Employers that opt in to manage payments could easily make direct payments to unemployed individuals deemed "eligible" by the state agency through our payrolls. Give us access to our reserve account funds, we pay the employee directly and submit the info in the quarterly reports we already submit. In turn, it would speed up the delivery of processing and payments, and reduce the costs to the states administering the program which should also lower the employer's UI tax rate. Win, win. Employees get their money sooner and employers save on payroll taxes so they can bring jobs back! Employers already have all of the employee information, dates of employment, pay rates, direct deposit info etc. I have dozens of employees desperate to get their checks and it's been 5 weeks! No one can get through the fax, phone or email addresses. My employees are desperate and they reach out to me for help, but, I have no ability to assist them.


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