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Daycare Issues

Many daycare facilities will not take children if their parents work for an organization that cares for individuals who are COVID-19 positive. We have lost several employees who had to resign because they could not find affordable, alternative daycare. As a public sector employer, we have to care for which we have a statutory obligation (e.g. jails, law enforcement). If an employee has an in-home daycare provider, they will often refuse to care for an employee's child because of positive COVID cases. They could potentially find a commercial daycare facility to provide services. However, in many cases the costs is substantially more. If they are a single parent or have multiple children, they may not be able to afford the additional cost. As a public sector employer, it is difficult to provide these employees with additional funds due to budget constraints, collective bargaining agreements, or even state statutes. It would be helpful if there were federal resources available to assist these families, such as additional monetary funding for these healthcare providers/workers and emergency/first responders.


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