Commuting Safely

Coordination between local, interstate, corporation

Many corporations are planning for staggered opening, but it needs to be in coordination of local, state/interstate (especially in NY Tri Sate area) governments, the communing services (MTA, Subways, NJ Transit etc.) and companies, especially medium and large corporations (more than 200 people) . Corporations have to come together on how %of employees they would allow to come to office space, may be 20% each day on a rotation bases in the initial first 2 weeks. Take notes of employees' reaction, sickness, mental health etc. Increase the % on a weekly basis. Only if there is coordinated effort, the commuter services will be overwhelmed and not able to maintain social distancing- leading to spread of COVID. State/city governments need to work with employers on developing Guidance on opening on how best to protect their employees- testing, protective gear availability, sanitation requirements, accommodation, etc. In addition, some protection must be instituted for employers against lawsuits if employees get sick with COVID after coming to office space.

Opening work sites would be slow and complicated, but coordinated efforts would ease the process.


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