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Contract with Combat Covid-20

A group of private leaders in San Jose brain stormed and put together a solution to our fears of reopening our economy. We reached out to a local restoration professional and had many strategic meetings and built a model all cities should contract with this vendor. He has assembled teams of 3 mobile units with proper PPE's. Environmentally safe chemicals and is disinfecting businesses throughout our city. He does gas stations, restaurants, bus stops. Strip mall fronts. Our Gov't needs to bring him aboard and allow him the finding to ramp up his business nationally. We had a good friend and well recognized Tech Exective review our proposal. He wants us to contract with him. We told him we created this board to support our government. If our government does not use our solution then we will sign contracts with the private sector. This solution satisfies 3 objectives:

1. Fights the Covid 19 virus until we get a vaccine. Stay away orders runs from it. Combine that with our solution of killing it.

2. We will create jobs that have value to our communities with a sense of rewarding duties to the employees. We will hire locally.

3. It reduces fear of the citizens to engaging in communities again. A sense of security will be felt among the citizens of our country knowing that the restaurant they are entering was disinfected by a licensed professional compared to a employee.


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