Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Considerations for People with Disabilities

  1. If businesses are proving PPE for employees with a disability and the employee has a Direct Support Professional (DSP) who supports them at work as an accommodation, that the DSP be provided the same PPE by the employer.

  2. If PPE is required, that the PPE be modified if related to the person's disability (i.e. – latex allergies, gowns for people who use wheelchairs, facemasks where lips can be seen for people who lip read).

  3. If someone has compromised health conditions and they want more PPE than other employees might be required to use, that they have access to the protection they need related to their health concerns.

  4. Accommodations be made so that people with disabilities can access any new Covid related job training in a format that they can understand.

  5. That people with disabilities have the option to move to other positions within a business if their job was eliminated due to Covid.

  6. Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities continue to be in place when the business reopens.

  7. People with disabilities should not be prohibited from returning to work by their employer because the employer is afraid that the person with a disability might have a higher risk of getting Covid.

  8. FMLA – parents and caregivers can access appropriate time off to provide care to children and adults with disabilities who cannot access school or adult day services.

  9. If temperatures need to be taken before a start of a shift, that the person with a disability can have their temperature taken in a respectable way that works for them (i.e. forehead, oral, ear).


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