Supporting America's Families

Child Care is Essential to Economic Recovery

Child care is the backbone of our nation's response to disaster and the road to recovery. Yet programs and providers are in crisis, and their viability—and therefore the viability of our nation's economy—is dependent on substantial, additional, and direct investment from federal and state governments.

Child care is not like the K-12 system in which schools will be able to reopen and educators will be compensated regardless of the length of time schools are closed. Staff must be compensated during closures, and child care programs, across states and settings, therefore need significant investments if they are going to survive—and this moment has made it clear how essential it is for child care to do so, for the good of children, families, businesses, and our nation's safety, security, and economy.

For that reason, the public and private sector must work together to provide support to ensure the continued existence of this essential system, which keeps children safe and America working, not only through the already-underfunded subsidy system, but through other mechanisms as well. We provide a roadmap for 6 steps to ensure child care will be available for working families to get back to work:

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