Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

COVID-19, Pandemic or Social Darwinism

Last Edited by Joni Organ

As Americans return to work many will have suffered greatly during the quarantine. Homes and businesses were lost, relationships strained, physical ailments and mental health disorders left untreated. The liquor stores remained open as were the drug dealers. Self medication was more available than professional care. America was divided before the pandemic, and we have never felt more isolated. Along with the decline in mental health many seek someone to blame for their loss. They may look no further than their co-worker who is over sixty-five, obese, genetically predisposed to high blood pressure or perhaps of Asian decent. Individuals with compromised immune systems have incurred scorn because others feel that the closure of businesses and stay at home order only protected the weak. The common thought is that the weak should have isolated while the healthy and strong lived their best life. As subsequent outbreaks occur, anger can potentially rear its head towards the vulnerable populations in the workforce.. Individuals contracting COVID-19 at work must be listed on the companies 300 log. How will the secondary symptoms and mental illness and discrimination claims be addressed. Resilience is our ally for a workforce in despair.


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