Reopening Businesses

Base decisions on actual facts

The original models about the disease were wrong. The revised models are wrong. Now, the definitions being used skew the numbers. A cancer death on hospice who happens to test positive should be listed as a cancer death, not a COVID-19 death. Even the CDC website says most will have mild to moderate symptoms. Put politics aside and get this in perspective. The public has been improprely scared. Life always has risks. You cannot eliminate them 100%. Mistakes were made. Draconian restrictions weren't and aren't needed. Suck it up and admit it. Sure, people die. It is a disease. The damage to society, the economy, the food chain, our constitutional liberties and people's mental health is far worse than the deaths from the illness. A restaurant cannot open at 50%. It doesn't have that kind of margins. Tell the public the actual chance of them getting sick and dying. Tell people the actual percent of people dying compared to the number that got it. The mantra to "save grandna" sounds good, sounds lovely, but grandma doest need this kind of saving. I am grandma. I am immune comprpmised. I haven't been able to buy the masks I need since this started--but I am not allowed to go anywhere, including to my physical therapy which was closed and I need. We can keep ourselves safe while America gets back at it. Is wearing masks really necessary? Is social distancing really necessary? Get the actual numbers and make decisions based on realities. Then restore our liberties and allow people to get back to work, to school, to play and to church. Continuing anything, but maybe handwashing as should have been being done anyway, and staying home when you are sick I am guessing will be found overkill and unnecessary. I am not saying people didn't die, but when hospitals get more money for COVID-19 deaths, how can you get real numbers? When hospitals get money for putting people on vents, how many actally needed them? When non-ICU nurses handle vents who don't know how, how many died who didn't have to? Don't drag this out.


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