Accommodating Members of Vulnerable Populations

Balancing the vulnerable and need for low risk people, whichis most of the population's needs

Since there is a common finding throughout the country that clusters of deaths are occurring in nursing homes, focus should be on those facilities and reducing risk to patients and their family members and the employees.

Other high-risk people with underlying health conditions may need to have different stay-at home recommendations than the general population.

There should be a public service ad campaign on TV (like anti-smoking), social media, posters in all public restrooms, etc. that remind people that the #1 way to stop the spread of any virus is consistent good personal hygiene. I'm a person who has always taken a very pro-active care of my health, through exercise proper diet, yearly physicals/mammograms. I also drink more than the daily recommended amount of water thus I go to the bathroom a lot and wash my hands a lot. I'm shocked at the number of people I've talked to who had no idea they always should have been washing their hands for 20- 30 seconds and not put their fingers in their eyes, nose or mouth and sneeze and cough in the crux of your arm. Proper personal hygiene will do more to stop the spread than masks (still no consistent medical data supporting use of them) or social distancing.


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