Reopening Businesses

Accessibility will be fundamental in the Reopening of Business

All work settings need to be able to provide ADA accommodations for people with disabilities as they come back to work and or readjust their work settings. Especially for people with mental health conditions. The mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is having unprecedented high levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma to people, families, and communities. The impact of such trauma is higher among front line workers and essential workers who did not get to stay home like most members of the population. The second part of this high needs group is those who have lost people to COVID-19 as well as those who have had the worst health outcomes after contracting COVID-19. This second impacted population are those who have stayed at home isolated. Those who have struggled to survive, get food, get shelter, lost employment. Then there is a high wave of folks who have suffered trauma because fo isolation, a higher rate of Domestic Violence cases are being reported, more calls to suicide hotlines than ever also signal a group of folks not only seeking help but also the sharp precipice of despair that so many folks are also experiencing. There was also a significant number of people who started using alcohol and other substances for recreational, self-medication and have now develop substance use disorders as well as so many others who have relapsed during this stay at home period. Many people don't think that people with mental health conditions are disabled but they are and also so are protected and have a remedy when requesting the necessary accommodations to interview for a job, do their work, stay employed and advocating for such rights. Moving forwards that not only needs to improve it needs to be a central focus of recovery. We need better methods to education this protected group fo people about their rights, providing more support for employers to support these efforts, enforcements mechanism that are faster, have better outcomes for emploeeys and provide employment as one of the ultimate goes in typical outcomes. The American's with Disability Act is turning 30 this year and its time to get American back to work!


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